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Collagenite complex - 15 amino acids of pure collagen in free form 90%, 100 ml

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Strengthens blood vessels, spinal discs and ligaments of the musculoskeletal system. As a result, it's not just the effect of rejuvenation, the skin really regenerates from the inside.
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Amino acids and collagen in the complex:
for health and beauty

  • Useful properties of Collagen:
    The complex is a set of 15 amino acids in free form, including hydroxyproline, which is not found in food. The "Collagenite" analogue does not exist in structure, composition of amino acids and degree of purification. When taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood plasma, spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body, strengthening the blood vessels, spinal discs and ligaments of the musculoskeletal system at the molecular level.

    • helps maintain joint mobility, maintain the musculoskeletal system, as well as improve the condition of joints and cartilage
    • participates in regenerative processes
    • restores joint mobility and relieves pain during physical exertion
    • the ligamentous apparatus is strengthened, it is especially effective at the stage of functional changes, when the cartilage is still practically intact, but there are already problems with the completeness of movements
    • bone tissue is strengthened, since collagen has an activating effect on osteoblasts (young bone cells)
    • reduces wrinkles on the skin, makes connective tissue strong and elastic at the same time
    • stimulates the formation of epithelial cells, prevents premature skin aging
    • improves the condition of the digestive tract
    • normalizes sleep, relieves drowsiness during the day, and also positively affects memory
    • helps restore normal hormone levels
  • It helps with:
    Prevention of strokes and heart attacks by strengthening blood vessels:
    Blood vessels are 35% collagen, they owe it their strength and elasticity. With a lack of collagen, weakening and fragility of blood vessels is observed, especially in the heart region, leading to possible heart attacks and strokes

    Prevention and treatment of back pain and joints:
    Disks of the spine and cartilage of connective tissue contain significantly more collagen. And if it is not enough, then diseases of the musculoskeletal system appear

    Maintaining youthful skin:
    In the subcutaneous layer of the face, neck, hands contains up to 70% of collagen. With age, the liver loses its effectiveness and does not produce oxyproline, without which collagen synthesis in cells is impossible. Externally, this manifests itself, including as a wilting skin and the appearance of wrinkles

    To improve the condition of the skin:
    The general healing of the skin occurs, dermatitis, acne, inflammation go away, the skin roughness disappears

    For those who want to lose weight:
    It helps a lot when losing weight. When used correctly, it helps to lose a few extra pounds due to the acceleration of metabolism.

    To normalize the gastroenteric tract:
    It has a good effect for people with high intestinal permeability. The protein fills the micro-holes in the intestinal walls and thus prevents the penetration of toxins into the blood. Relieves gastrointestinal mucosa irritation, supports normal intestinal motility
Who needs Collagenite:
  • for athletes - will reduce the risk of injury, frequent sprains or dislocations, helps to build muscle. Helps repair damaged joints faster
  • for women - improving the appearance by strengthening hair, nails and increasing skin elasticity, as well as normalizing hormonal levels
  • for children - an additional source of protein for the formation of the musculoskeletal system
  • elderly people - after 25 years, the amount of collagen in the body decreases, which leads to discomfort and pain, ligaments lose their integrity and the ability to return to their original state
Collagenite is the key to a strong and healthy body, since it is such sections of the connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments, that are most unstable to the negative effects of external factors. Collagenitis stimulates the recovery process, and significantly slows down the destruction of cartilage.
On our YouTube channel you can find out even more information about the benefits of amino acids
We regularly collect feedback from our customers and record thematic videos on how amino acids positively affect the human body
Ergamine = PERFECT PROTEIN. Strengthens the immune system! Slows down aging! How? Watch and ask questions
Ergamine + Lysine scientific research has been going on for 25 years, biotechnologist Ter-Sargsyan
Ergamine + Collagen is recommended for: ligaments, blood vessels, skin, heart, biotechnologist Eric Ter-Sargsyan
Arginine and Lysine help restore reproductive health. Stroke prevention and immunity!
Subscribe to the YouTube channel to learn more about amino acid complexes and what benefits they give you.
  • Ruslan Tedeev
    MMA fighter, champion of Russia
    Watch the video
    «I began to feel stronger and more resilient. This is an alternative to western chemistry»
    My name is Ruslan Tedeev. I am a professional MMA fighter, champion of Russia in combat sambo, champion of the Moscow region in MMA, champion of Moscow in pankration. Recently, I started drinking the ERGAMIN amino acid complex.

    This is an excellent substitute for western chemistry. My endurance increased, I began to feel much stronger, began to train more and more intensively, and recovery after training is easier and less painful. I strongly advise all fighters and athletes with intense training.
  • Hasayev Dukakh
    Professional MMA fighter. Champion of the All-Russian Tournament
    Watch the video
    «All my inflammation problems have disappeared. Training has become much better»

    I had difficulty recovering from training and started taking Ergamine amino acids. After a week, I noticed that I began to train a little more. All my recovery problems have disappeared. After training, I feel normal, and most importantly - the muscles began to tear and hurt less often. Try it - you won't regret it.
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  • Egor Rubanovich
    Bodybuilder. 55 years
    Watch the video
    «Two more weeks have passed, and I feel just fine»

    Two more weeks have passed, and I feel just fine. This was the last time I experienced such sensations when I first tried creatine. And that was almost 30 years ago. Now my recovery is just "with a bang." And overall health has improved. I associate this with the intake of these amino acid complexes.
  • Ergamin + Lysin 30 years Intensive training

  • Eugene Moscow 56 years, energy, quick recovery
  • Nika, Ergamine courses. No pain in the knee, hair, nails super
Types and functions of protein in the body:
There is a conditional division of proteins in products and organisms into subspecies:
  1. Peptides (polypeptides) - protein compounds from 2 to several tens of residual amino acids in length, formed as a result of the condensation of amino acids.
  2. Free (unbound) amino acids are completely cleaved protein molecules, which are isolated substances or complex compounds.
  3. Proteins are substances with a higher level of polymerization. A separate class of proteins is enzymes, which are biological catalysts. These substances contribute to the multiple acceleration of biochemical reactions in the body.
Protein Functions:
  • catalytic - helps accelerate biochemical reactions (synthesis or splitting of molecules, etc.). This function is provided by special proteins - enzymes contained in products and produced by the body.
  • energy - is responsible for energy production during the breakdown of proteins and is activated only in cases when other energy sources (fats and carbohydrates) are used up
  • protective - provides body protection at the physical level (blood coagulation, maintaining the normal state of connective tissues and epidermis), chemical (neutralization of toxins) and immune defense (forming a response to the effects of pathogenic microorganisms or damage, neutralization of viruses and bacteria, etc.)
  • structural (construction) - is expressed in the formation of cells and a change in their shape
  • regulatory - provides regulation of the activity of a number of proteins, the promotion of cell structures in a cycle and other processes (for example, stimulation of the formation of fats from carbohydrates, regulation of blood glucose levels, etc.)
  • signal - is responsible for the transmission of intercellular and interstitial signal
  • transport - provides transportation of small molecules (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) inside the body, as well as from cells to the outer space and vice versa
  • reserve - forms a stock of certain proteins that act as energy sources or amino acid sources
  • receptor - serves to receive signals (mechanical effects, chemicals, light, etc.) and transmit them to other cellular components
  • motion function - provides the processes of movement in the body (intracellular transport, movement of cells, muscle contraction, etc.)
  • How much protein does a person need?
    There is an average norm of adult protein requirements - 70 grams per 70 kg of body weight. For people who adhere to an active lifestyle, and children, the norm exceeds 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight. What is the protein and in what quantity (grams of protein per 100 grams of product,% of daily requirement):
    • milk food – from 2.1 to 35.7 gr. (from 3% to 51%);
    • eggs and egg products – from 11,1 to 46 gr. (from 16% to 66%);
    • fish and seafood – from 9 to 31,5 gr. (from 13% to 45%);
    • meat and meat products – from 11,7 to 21,2 gr. (from 17% to 30%);
    • nuts and seeds – from 8,1 to 26,3 gr. (from 12% to 38%);
    • vegetables and greens – from 0,7 to 6,5 gr. (from 1% to 9%);
    • beans – from 2,5 to 34,9 gr. (from 4% to 50%);
    • cereals and cereal products – from 3,2 to 17,3 gr. (from 5% to 25%);
    • dried fruits, berries, fruits – from 0,7 to 5,2 gr. (from 1% to 7%);
    • mushrooms – from 1,5 to 30,3 gr. (from 2% to 43%)
As a biologically active food supplement, it is an additional source of collagen. Collagenitis is recommended to be used both internally and externally. In this case, the effect is accelerated and enhanced.

As a biologically active food supplement, it is an additional source of pure protein. 15 free amino acids. The composition of the drug in% of the total amino acids: glycine 35%, alanine 6%, leucine 3.5%, isoleucine 1.6%, valine 2.3%, phenylalanine 0.8%, serine 3 , 3%, threonine -1.8%, methionine - 0.4%, proline - 14.0%, oxyproline - 10.8%, lysine - 3.2%, arginine - 7.8%, aspartic acid - 4 , 3%, glutamic acid - 5.2%

For cosmetic purposes - spraying onto the face. In medical ones - with wounds, burns, radiculitis, joint pain, in the back.

Inside: 5 ml (1 tsp) once or twice a day
The course of taking up to 60 days depending on the state of the body
To achieve a higher target result, we recommend that you take three to five capsules of the Ergamine amino acid complex one hour before using Collagenitis. This is necessary in order for the body to use collagen amino acids for the intended purpose to restore the walls of blood vessels, ligaments, and cartilage.

Externally: (we recommend pre-diluting the composition with water in a 1:1 ratio) on a clean skin of the face or body in the morning and / or evening, apply a small amount and rub until absorbed. Perhaps a short-term sensation of slight tingling and warming of the skin. For dry skin types of the face or body, additional application of a moisturizer, such as gel or cream, may be required.

The color and shape of glass containers may differ from those shown in the picture in the product card.
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