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Return policy

If you discover a factory defect after opening the package, you can return the goods
To do this, contact our operator by phone +1 929 4470488
Provide the order number, reason for the return and your contact details. Our operators will provide you with more complete information on the return process.
Good quality products
Within 2 weeks after receiving the order, we accept the return of products of good quality. Transportation of the return is carried out by forces and at the expense of the buyer.
High-quality goods that are not subject to exchange and return are indicated in the List approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated 10.20.1998 N 1222, dated 06.02.2002 N 81.
In the event of an incorrect order picking or a defect, the cost of return shipping by Russian Post is paid by the Seller.
Refunds to the Client are carried out after receipt of the goods by the Seller.
Products of Inadequate Quality
If a factory defect is found after opening the packaging, you can return the goods. To do this, contact our operator by phone +7 499 490-60-45. Provide the order number, reason for the return and your contact details. Our operators will provide you with more complete information on the return process.
Cashless payments
In this case, the Client is obliged to send to address shop@ergamin.ru a letter with the subject "return" and the following information:
- Name of the bank
- Checking account
- Correspondent account
- BIC bank
- Personal account and card number
Postal transfer
Money back by post transfer is carried out within 5-7 business days from the moment we receive the goods returned by mail.
* We draw your attention to the fact that the details must be in the name of the customer. Money transfer is carried out up to 7 calendar days. The term for crediting funds to the Client's current account depends on the internal regulations of the recipient bank.
** Attention! The goods are accepted back only in a complete set, with all packages and stickers, in an unused form.

Get individual conditions for the purchase of the course from 09:00 to 21:00 MSK:
+1 929 4470488
WhatsApp +7 965 383-15-14 or via the link https: //api.whatsapp.com/send? Phone = 79653831514 & te ...
Telegram +7 965 383-15-14 user @ergamincom or via the link https://tlgg.ru/79653831514

Delivery is from 09:00 to 21:00 on weekdays

We share reviews, ask questions, talk about the results. We simplify the choice for beginners. We analyze the technique during training, pregnancy and breastfeeding. We advise!
on Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/Bms-6Rb4RBqjyZFhjMoGEw
at WhatsApp https://chat.whatsapp.com/DZWV7oBejlPEpAeIEB6hzc
Advice on admission and questions to the biotechnologist Eric Ter-Sargsyan. Ask questions at http://sarkisyan.blog
or send to erik@sarkisyan.blog

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3. Pass a blood test for protein content BEFORE you start and AFTER the course (recommended)
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