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Amino acid Lysine with the highest degree of purification, directly from the manufacturer
  • 98.5% degree of purification
  • Made from natural animal protein
Lysine has great biological value to the human body
Prevents herpes and speeds up its healing. Strengthens immunity
Lysine plays a huge role in maintaining a strong immune system. Together with vitamins and minerals, it helps to produce antibodies. Virus protection is one of the main functions of this amino acid.
Fountain of youth
Lysine is an excellent source of energy. By accelerating the breakdown of fats, it gives a boost of energy. Before carnitine, it was used for weight loss. Girls will also appreciate the ability of lysine to slow down the aging process. The intake of this amino acid restores the body from the inside, makes hair shiny, and skin becomes smoother and healthier.
Calcium absorption and collagen formation
Increases the absorption of calcium in the intestines and helps kidneys to retain this mineral. Thus, taking lysine helps your body to absorb calcium better and slows down its excretion.
Wound healing
Lysine can speed up the healing process. It is necessary for the full restoration of damaged tissue and the formation of the new ones, since it is involved in the synthesis of muscle fibers. That is why athletes pay special attention to this amino acid. Lysine helps to increase muscle strength and endurance, which is the most important thing for power workouts.
Only 3 capsules contain a daily dose of Lysine from dozens of products
Parmesan cheese
red wine
calamari filet
Lysine positively affects 90% of the processes in the body
✓ Improves quality of hair and nails due to the production of carnitine in the body;
✓ Lowers blood cholesterol;
✓ Increases calcium absorption
✓ 100% protection against osteoporosis;
✓ Improves the detox liver function;
✓ Supports good emotional and mental health. Help to get out depression on a chemical level
Order Lysine and improve your body fitness
and muscle tone in just few weeks
Choose the number of Lysine packs
Price per pack: $25
Order Lysine at a special price
A manager will call you within 24 hours to specify the address and delivery time
Difference between Lysine by ImWell and
similar amino acids on the market
by ImWell
Other manufacturers
Level of purification
from fats
Vegetable proteins
NO. Synthesized exclusively from animal products
YES. Includes products of plant origin
In 100 g (3.53 oz) of powder you buy, only 20-45 g (0.71-1.59 oz) are amino acids
Only 20-27 g (0.71-0.95 oz)of pure amino acids get into your body out of 100 g (3.53 oz) you've paid for.

e.g. A pack of amino acids has a level of purification = 45%, it is 45 g (1.59 oz) out of 100 g (3.53 oz) of pure amino acid. Only 45-60% = 20-27 g (0.71-0.95 oz) out of 45 g (1.59 oz) will be digested).
The source of amino acids is vegetable raw materials (peas, legumes), that can be mixed with animal protein.
Our products are certified and passed all clinical trials
They are 100% suitable for wellness or cosmetics
The person who stood at the origins of Soviet biotechnology ,
is responsible for production and quality control

Eric Ter-Sarkissjan, PhD in chemistry

Biotechnologist with 50 years of experience

55 patents for inventions and copyrights, technologies

More than 250 scientific publications

Head of the radiobiological department, Institute of atomic energy of I. V. Kurchatov

Improvement of production technology for anti-gangrene antibiotic Polymyxin

2016 - world-AIDS-conference, organization, presentation
Get a free consultation on taking Lysine
amino acids as a supplement to your diet
Fill out the form and our specialist will create an individual amino acid intake plan for you
Our specialist will contact you within 24 hours

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